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Bass Guitar Tab

For those new to the guitar world, a bass guitar tab is a notation used to refer to a chord, or a series of chords. Learning bass guitar tabs is one of the more difficult aspects for beginners to grasp, as there are many different tabs that are used for the guitar. As there are many different combinations of fingerings, there are an equal number of tabs, all of which may only slightly vary between one or another. Tabs are not only used for the bass guitar, […]

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Bass Guitar Lessons

Bass guitar lessons are vital for those who want to be able to progress past the initial beginning stages of playing the guitar. There is a lot of things that you need to learn in order to master the guitar, ranging from a variety of chords, playing songs and taking care of your instrument. As everyone needs to begin somewhere, bass guitar lessons are the most useful for those who have just started to play. These lessons will teach good habits and the basic skills that are […]

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Bass Guitar Fretboard

The bass guitar fretboard is one of the pieces of a guitar you have to take care to maintain. As the frets on the guitar are where you are to place your fingers to form the correct chords, this part of the guitar is commonly worn. When you play a lot, you will usually end up replacing your strings first, then the frets. Frets are worn down with age and pressure from strings and fingers. As they are worn down, depending on the material, they may splinter […]

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